VeganMoFo starts tomorrow. A week ago I had all the time in the world and now it seems my mind is always preoccupied. I already know I’m going to be gone this weekend so I want to make posts now that will go up then. I’m taking some good to our annual ‘girls weekend’ so it should be interesting. These are the people that thought it was sacrilegious to veganize my grandmother’s kringla recipe. 


I don’t care what the ingredients are. If it tastes good, like the food you grew up with, then what’s the matter. All our family recipes already deviate from the ones my ancestors made. There was no meat counter in their day. No choice between free-range or feedlot. There was ‘who’s old?’ The fact that we go out to buy the ingredients makes it different enough. So what if I use milk made from a plant. Or make meatballs with beans. 


This doesn’t even take into account the fact that so much of the touted ‘traditional’ foods of immigrant populations wasn’t eaten in their home country. Spaghetti, general tso’s chicken, nachos, and so many other foods were invented right here in the US. Beginning of the 20th century most peasants were nearly vegan by default. They ate meat maybe a few times a year on holidays if their benevolent lord saw fit. 


So take that critics. I’m going to make my vegan lefse, rømmegrøt, kringla, and varmepølse. If I get inspired enough I should put out a vegan Norwegian-American zine.


One thought on “Critics

  1. Please please. Do post a vegan norwegian zine! My mother is norwegian and the only thing i can eat is cucumber salad! But i do have plans for some vegan rømmevafler.

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