The Mango Tango Revolution

The cupcakes were a huge success at the birthday. The best compliments I get are from middle-aged omnivore ladies. And they loved them as much as the rest of us. Since I had some leftover mango pudding I made more today. My mom was really bummed that she didn’t get one so I made mini mango tangos today. Along with some carrot muffins from Veganomicon. 

Yeah I burned the coconut a little. Doing too many things as once. But damn they are good.

And since there was leftover batter of both I made mini cakes. They’re chilling in the freezer for the weekend and I’ll frost them next week. The reason they aren’t being consumer right now is I’m going out of town for my mom’s families’ annual girls’ weekend. All the women 18 and over hang out all weekend eating, chatting, being bums. Its great. Except the food. This will the first time I’ve been since becoming vegan. Hence the plethora of baked goods coming with. This should be an experience.


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