Family Mission

I’m back safe and sick of cars. Throughout the course of the weekend we chatted about the usual kids, husbands/boyfriends, and food. We’re Norwegian and food is an incredibly large part of our ethnic identity and heritage. Over ten years ago we made a family cookbook. It was shortly after my maternal grandmother passed away and we all needed a place to store her wonderful recipes. Thus the cookbook.


Its about time for a revamp. Various family members aren’t listed in the credits and typos abound. But the most important part is that we need more recipes. And thats where I, the go-to family veg*n, come in. My aunts enthusiastically rallied around the idea of a vegetarian/vegan section for the newest edition. And I am in charge. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I’m hoping for a 50/50 split of vegetarian and vegan recipes. Especially the kind for anxious mothers meeting new vegetarian liberal girlfriends. If they can’t relate on politics at least there will be food. 


I’m off to my vegan lover’s abode to share the booty of my trip to the coop up there. Figs, pink pearl apples, and some leftover cupcakes. Sounds like a fine meal.


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