Little Girls Are Made Of…

Well I’m obviously a fan of the old sugar and spice if you haven’t noticed. But what else do I like? Food-wise that is. Here are a few food things I adore. Not just like or smile about, but the things that make me want to run through traffic. I got the idea from Cupcake Kitteh. So here we have a beginning list.


Coffee. Always with sugar. Preferably made by my darling.

Apples, but none of that red delicious shit. Honeycrisp, pink pearl, or fuji if I’m stuck at a grocery store.

Potatoes. In any incarnation.

Perfectly steamed broccoli.

Pears other than Bartlett. Bosc and comice particularly.

Beta Carotene. Carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash, pumpkin, etc. Bring on the orange skin tone.

          (yes I have had an orange glow from too much)

Ok so most fruit in general. Figs, dates, and cherries are also in the top.

Fried morel mushrooms

July Iowa sweet corn. Slathered in EB, with salt and a pinch of pepper.

Sushi. Any veggie maki roll. Inari and triangle onigiri will tempt me to dash in front of a bus. Which in Ames is more believable. 

Ethiopian food and injera.

Pickled things. Cucumber pickles in all varieties. 


Ok I’ve digressed to broader subjects. Let’s get a move on. Here’s what I am not a fan of:


Asparagus. Apparently I’ve never had it prepared correctly. Its stringy and gross.

Frisee. The bane of all salads.

Cilantro. Blech, it tastes like soap.

Turmeric. Good god I hate turmeric. Thus I make my own curry powder.

Store bought white bread. It tastes like the petroleum produced plastic its sealed in.



Judging from the unevenness of my pro/con list I would consider myself pretty optimistic. There are few things I dislike and there are always circumstances where I can stand and even like them.


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