One of Those Days

It was raining when I awoke. Its been gray ever since. Now at six pm I can see the light of the sun, if only through a thin veil of clouds. At noon it felt like four, yeah one of those days.


I didn’t do a whole lot. The weather just had me in a funk. Of course it didn’t lift by dinner tonight so I turned to one of my favorite meals ever. Soup.

This is just straight up vegetable soup. The kind weight watcher’s aficionados love. Here’s a basic recipe if you can’t guess from looking.

Enough oil to coat the bottom or just water saute if you don’t want any fat.

Onion, Carrot, Garlic, Celery, and Potato – saute until the onion and carrot are softened.

Add water (enough to cover and make look like a decent soup)

Bring this to a boil, lower heat then add cabbage and spices. For spices I added salt, pepper, Tuscan Sunset (an Italian Blend), rosemary, and thyme.

When the cabbage was almost cooked I added some spinach and seitain o’ greatness, cubed. Once that gets warm test for seasonings and add a splash of balsamic vinegar. I also sprinkle nooch on mine.


There are no numbers because its soup. It demands you improvise and personalize. Thats why soup is so wonderful. My family, when not busy as we are now, often has soup Sundays. We get together play cards, put some CCR on the cd player, and eat soup. My mom is an excellent soup maker and is known to make one for however many people are attending. My goal in life is to veganize her potato soup recipe. But its all evaporated milk, velveeta, and bacon. I’ll get to it sooner now that its ‘that’ time of year. 


And for your viewing pleasure. Yesterday I gave Scruffy a haircut, bath, and pedicure. Here he is wet and living up to his name.


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