I made it 18 days without missing a beat. But yesterday was much too hectic for posting. I was busy cooking all morning in preparation for our PPK potluck, Iowa division. It was so much fun and I’m still full.


At the moment I’m baking cookies then going for a bike ride to deliver them. Which will be interesting since I burned my hand this morning on the cookie sheet. No matter how many hundreds of cookies I made I still don’t have skin of asbestos.


ETA: So the cookies were ginger cookies made on a whim with a hint of a recipe. I used a cookie tester recipe but I didn’t feel like taking out measuring cups and such. So I eyeballed everything but the baking soda and the sugar. And considering they turned out really well. And if you are ever in a situation where you want to make cookies at someone else’s house but all they have is extra virgin olive oil, molasses cookies are the way to go.

And if they keep their one and only baking sheet in the drawer under the oven, take it out before preheating the oven. Or for god’s sake use an oven mitt to pick it up!


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