The pepperoni that we made into calzones was such a hit that I’ve decided to venture into the seitan world again. This time with Julie’s sausages. I switched up the recipe trying to recreate kielbasa. I don’t know how successful I was, but its sausagey and delicious so who cares. I used more eastern European spices and added half a diced onion to try to get a different flavor. But the paprika still sort of took over and its still slightly pepperoni-ish. 

But tasty. And thats what matters. And the real kicker, my mom liked it and thought it tasted like sausage! This is monumental. Enough with the chit chat.

I also learned how to play cribbage last night. Its a very addicting game, despite my terrible addition skills. I maintain that I can tell you where Kyrgyzstan is, but simple math still gets me.


Tomorrow I’m baking the castle cake for my niece’s birthday party. Wish me luck and patience. I’m going to attempt to veganize a krumkake recipe to make the turrets. And next weekend I’m making sugar cookies in the shape of Africa for a friend’s mom. I need some business cards.


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