Care Package!


Friday I got my care package from Meghanispie on the ppk. I was ecstatic, heck I’m still buzzing with ideas on what to make. Here we go:

Clockwise from the Sweet & Sara marshmallows we have homemade white chocolate chips (I think), Teese, Sheese – Blue Style, butterscotch and white chocolate chips, Soy Curls, a S’More, a brick of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate, and soy chorizo. 


Seriously, I don’t even know where to begin! Well actually I do. My sweetheart is going on a bike ride tomorrow that makes me legs hurt just thinking about how long it is. So Sunday I’m going to his place to veg and recover. This will include cribbage, reading, comfort food, and some stove-top s’mores. 

Other than that I see some pizza, bbq, and even more baked goods than normal. That chocolate may be making an appearance in some truffles.


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