Blast from the Past

I am terrible about taking pictures of my meals when other people are around. I feel slightly silly. Plus I’m usually so hungry I don’t want to take the time to get out my crappy little camera since my nikon is usually at home. So the Thai curry from last night will have to live in your imagination. 


But I do believe in posting pictures. Lots of them. I am an amateur photographer and love that click of the shutter. So here is a history of my food pornography.

My first foray into homemade sushi. This was when I was dating a guy who was in love with all things Japan. I learned how to make homemade sushi, the joys of ramune soda, and now I’m desperately in search of a mold for triangle sushi. So so good.

This was the first vegan dessert I made. It was the peanut butter cheesecake from Vegan Planet I think. With a swirl of melted carob chips through the top. When I first went vegan I was into all old school hippy foods like carob and such. I still don’t mind carob, but chocolate has my vote.

My first attempt at veganizing something. My grandma’s kringla, which is a bready pretzel shaped Norwegian cookie. Excellent with coffee. My aunt told me I was being un-American and un-Norwegian by veganizing the recipe. I’ve never been prouder.


So there you go. Oldies, but goodies. Now I’m off to enjoy the weather and the company of my friend.


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