Beggar’s Night

Here in central Iowa we have beggar’s night. This is the night set aside for Halloween. Exactly, trick or treating is not done on the actual 31st of October. I knew why this was at one time, but I’m not sure and I’m not going to make myself look like a fool by making something up. 


This weekend is going to be veeeery hectic. I spent this afternoon making sugar cookie dough to make cut-outs for my friend’ mom’s party. Tonight I’m reverse trick or treating with my nieces. Then coming home and beginning to bake the aforementioned cookies. Assuming I get the cutters they will be little Africas and rectangles to make South African flags.

Tomorrow I’m off to Ames…again (I’m moving there in a few months). Halloween night is the big kids’ turn to celebrate. My beau and I are going out and I’m excited to get all dolled up. Work Saturday, another Halloween party, frost cookies. Sunday, drop off cookies, work, sleep.


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