Cookies Part Deux

So here are the finished, frosted cookies. Note to self, never agree to a baking project on a holiday weekend that I also have to work. I did the typical roller coaster of frosting being fun for the first third, then annoying for the middle, and finally I settled into that zen state of ‘one closer to being done’. So here we go. I wish I could say I’m really proud, but I’m just happy. They look ok, taste great, and best of all, they get delivered tomorrow morning.

Now I have to figure out how to store all of these, and still, how to transport them tomorrow? Hmm…


But that will be solved in the morning. For now I’m tired, coated in a glaze of powdered sugar and exhaustion. The rest of my night consists of finishing my book in nice clean line-dried sheets. And taking advantage of that extra hour.


1 thought on “Cookies Part Deux

  1. WOAH!!
    So many Cookies. You did a GREAT job and I’m in awe of you. I always look for the easiest way to decorate things and as a result I never get things that pretty!
    I need to have a quiet word with myself…….

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