The Roundup

So Christmas is over. I managed to squeeze through the holidays without getting sick. But it has now caught up with me. Just in time for my love to come home. So he takes care of me while I infect him. Case in point, he made a ton of sushi last night while I sat around sniffling. Now its my turn to make it up to him. With pumpkin bars.

Sometime when I’m back at my mom’s house for longer than a few hours I will take pictures of my foodie related gifts. Which included a bottle of real maple syrup and 8 extracts. Including anise, orange, lemon, coconut, chocolate, pineapple, rum, and strawberry.

For now I’m listening to French singer Renan Luce and I beg you to listen to him as well. La Lettre  is a good starting point. Bonne chance!


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