Dread Thoughts

Since I’m getting any studying done I might as well post something. 

Swedish ‘Meat’balls I had at Christmas.

Swedish Meatballs

Homemade Nutter Butters

Vegan Nutter Butters

And momos, which are Tibetan dumplings. And damn good.

Red Chard Momos

Ok, now that you’ve seen what I’m eating I’ll share something. I’m in a love/hate battle with my hair. I love that its getting all long and stuff. But at the same time I’ve never had it short…ever. 

So I keep thinking I want to dread it. That way I can enjoy a new hairstyle and when I’m done with them I’ll have to cut them off, thus the short haircut. Win-win. Except for the whole creating dreads part. That is long and tedious. And I’m kind of a slacker.


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