Photo Insecurities

I hate taking pictures of my food when others are around. This is a problem now that I cook dinner for several people. I still photograph cookies and such, because I can do that when everyone leaves. But dinner is another issue.

What am I worried about? Will they laugh at me like the chubby kick trying to play kickball at recess? Or would it be more like the teenage contempt that you can see in the eyes of the “popular” kids. You can imagine the sneer can’t you? We all can. Is this what I’m worried of, I don’t know. My dinner companions wouldn’t do either of these. If they did I would take their food away and throw it out back for the raccoons. They are very appreciative.

Instead I let myself get caught up in this make believe bullying. So you get pictures like this:

Ethiopian Spiced Veg CurryThis was one of my most successful curries ever. But I didn’t want to take a picture of it finished and on the plate. Last night I made a feast for my love and I because he had such a shitty day. I went all out in order to have another set of pancakes on Pancake Day! These were in the form of the crepes from Vegan With A Vengeance, that formed the base of mock Ethiopian curries (one veggie, one dal, and one chickpea). Its always fun to eat with your hands folks. But alas, no photos. For this, I am sorry. And I will try to come to grips with this through Food Porn Anonymous.


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