To the Future…And Beyond!

I was trying to think of where that quote came from. Its one of those that sticks in your head and floats up at random moments. But where did it come from.

It hit me. Toy freaking Story. I don’t remember seeing it anytime in the last 5 years. But the catchline apparently had quite an effect on me if I still think of it today.

What about the future? Its right…! Nope gone, thats the past now. Its in December when I’ll finally graduate with a bachelor’s degree in not being able to stick to one interest. Its when everyone starts hassling me about what I’m doing with my life – as opposed to now when they just curiously poke and prod me out of concern.

Its in two years when Love and I are in the balmy forests of SE Asia and we just blew out the last bike tube and have to sit by the side of the road and laugh hysterically about being abandoned in the middle of a foreign country.

Its in 10 years when I’ve maybe made up my mind about pursuing one of my many passions. Will I have my own little baking business, or maybe a freelance travel writer working on a collection of my short stories. Maybe I’ll be busy in the offices of change working for some NGO to save the world (ha). I don’t know. Its just something to think about, as much as I don’t want to.


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