On Bakeries.

         My mother is taking a cake decorating class tonight and has been pestering me with questions about piping tips and meringue powder. I was rather amazed at how much information about baking and decorating I had stored in my head. Which got me thinking, could I really go back into the sweltering kitchens, slaving away to the saccharine allure of sugared confections – cake. I loved and hated working in the bakery. It was nice when everything worked fine and I was able to get creative (it was also a plus never having to talk to clients). But when the frosting hit the fan it wasn’t pleasant. Mostly because of my co-workers and the overhead vultures of payroll. 

       I learned a lot though. I can still bust out a decent frosted,piped, lettered cake in a relatively short amount of time. I guess I’ll stick with my own kitchen with my own creations and timelines. Maybe someday in the future it could happen. For now I’ll stick with gorging my housemates with treats and creating sugar comas for friends and family who request them.


One thought on “On Bakeries.

  1. Working in a bakery sounds really interesting. It’s something I’d like to do to. But there’s no way I can find a vegan bakery here.
    I guess your housemates and friends are very lucky to have such a great cake baker around.

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