I’m officially done with the spring semester. I have nine days to relax before going back to the grindstone. Even pressed a bit harder this time since my two classes will be compressed into less than a month. This is what will be entertaining me, enlightening me, and hopefully educating me…

Hist 360. U.S. 1900 to 1945. (3-0) Cr. 3.Prereq: Sophomore classification. America in transition and crisis: Progressivism, World War I, the twenties, the Great Depression, and World War II.

Soc 331. Social Class and Inequality. (3-0) Cr. 3. F.S.SS.Prereq: 130 or 134. Social stratification and processes resulting in social and economic inequalities; implications of status, class, and poverty for people of different races, ethnicities, and gender.

…while hopefully not stressing me too much (this is a preposterous idea).

I am excited however. I’m the kind of person who will walk through the university bookstore and find good books then find out which classes they are for so I can hopefully take them at some point. 

Along with these two classes I’m hoping to embark on my first independent study. Now I’ve done independent minded courses through correspondence and online classes. Those were a struggle for myself since I am a professional procrastinator. But this one. This one should be different. Crossing fingers, toes, and every other movable limb I will be traveling the highways and byways with my dad in his Peterbilt. Writing essays, taking pictures, and documenting life on the road. Truckstop food, driving for hours on end, and checking more states off my list of places I’ve been. If all goes as planned I’ll write a blog as part of my grade. Cross a few fingers and wish me luck.


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