Wanna see my ride?

Its got two wheels and a few gears. 

I like to chat on a vegan forum here on the ol’ internet. By chat I mean I’m borderline addicted to it. The thread about bikes there convinced me to take a few pictures of my sweetheart’s fleet. I say that because technically only one bike is mine. I just pillage and thieve from his well stocked larder. I figured I might as well share some photos here as well. These are basically ripped off the other post because I’m too lazy to rewrite all that code.

Here’s the garage:
Scout, the Cannondale I’ve been riding this week Cannondale
The gravel cruiser Nick just built a few weeks ago for a very small amount of money. cruiser
The fixie I’m prone to stealing. primary
And the Karate Monkey that Nick rode for the Arrowhead Ultra Marathon. monkey


3 thoughts on “Wanna see my ride?

  1. I like the priorities in your garage! Cars are to be parked along the street, or on the driveway. Structures are for bikes! And a cool looking orange scooter? I am currently nursing a black Peugeot back to riding health. Needs headset bearings and it will be out there again. Thanks for sharing your mutual bikes! Maybe see you guys on a gravel grind sometime? Your guy must be friends with “Mad Matt” Maxwell, and maybe knows Paul Jacobsen from Gilbert? Both are high mileage bikers. Keep on keepin’ on! Later!

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