Books and Coffee Cake

I read Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” last Thursday (yes I read the entire thing in five hours) and I can’t stop talking about it to everyone I see. So after work yesterday I decided I really need a personal copy since the one I read is from the ISU library. And lucky me, I happen to work in the same shopping center a the oh so wonderful Half Price Books. I can’t tell you how much I love this place, how many books its gotten me for class and leisure or how many coffees its bought me when I return those few books that just don’t want to live out their lives on my bookshelves.

We closed up shop and I walked to the book heaven with a list in hand and a bank account with a brand new pay check in it. I found “The Road” and also picked up “Geek Love” by Katherine Dunn. Unfortunately they did not have “Lolita” which was also on my list. But to slightly make up for that they have a pristine copy of “The Joy of Vegan Baking”. As if I need any more cookbooks. But I was flush with imaginary cash and splurged on a ten dollar cookbook.

The time since that purchase has been filled with play time with my nieces and reading “Nickel + Dimed” for class with a few brief moments to flip through JoVB in its entirety. I had to make something before I left my mom’s house though. You see, she has all my baking pans, tools, and the space/dishwasher to take care of my haphazard style of cooking. 

So I present you with the cinnamon coffee cake modded to become a rhubarb coffee cake. Same recipe thats in the book except doubled with 2 cups of chopped rhubarb and an additional 1/2 cup of flour.

Rhubarb Cinnamon Coffee Cake


One thought on “Books and Coffee Cake

  1. I loove coffee cake! I’ve never tasted rhubarb before, but it seems like it’d be quite tasty.

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