The Summer of Sourdough

I’m no longer an herbivore, I an a carbivore. We had a windfall of bread and it now sneaks into every meal, every snack, every foray into the kitchen for water. This overload of wheat stalls my baking though. I can’t bring myself to make cardamom buns or treats because we have enough food already. Not to mention we are now getting our CSA box so my almost daily trips to the grocery store have stopped. Thankfully chlorophyll doesn’t act the same way as beta carotene or I would have a lovely chartreuse sheen by now.

June may be upon us but it doesn’t feel like it. June is usually heavier, or so I thought. We haven’t had any excruciating days. In fact its been beautiful and I’m beginning to worry that I was making things up when I spouted off all those soliloquies about how terrible summer was. Maybe June is out to prove me wrong. Apparently I just pissed her off – probably has something to do with the fact that it isn’t technically summer yet. I should have been directing my irritation towards July this whole time.


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