Today turned out to be a beautiful day. A day I feel foolish for wasting. Yes I cleaned and walked the dog, enjoyed the sun as I hung up sheets. But it wasn’t until later in the day that I really wanted to go for a ride and then I couldn’t because of an obligation to our CSA.

Our lovely blue house is vegetable central on Tuesday afternoons. All the boxes (3 of them) are dropped off at our house and the owners come here to collect their vitamins and minerals. The perks are we get the most beautiful of the produce. The lettuce we got today is bigger than my head and just, well I’ll just give you a picture.

Clockwise from that beautiful lettuce are fennel, a bag of cooking greens (chards, kales, etc.), a bag of snap peas and carrots, a single squash blossom that I have no idea what to do with, two kohlrabi, two beets, 4 onions, a handful of sage thats actually from last week, a small broccoli, and a bag of purple basil.

We split this bag with a friend and have trouble consuming half this. I can assure you we will have salad tonight though. The exciting thing about this is I have to experiment with new things. Today I was on a mission to use up the rest of the veggies from last week which consisted of snap peas that I’d forgotten about. And this my friends is why I love the internet. A quick google and I give you: Minted Snap Peas! I left out the onion and used granulated garlic.

I can’t stop eating them.


2 thoughts on “Vegetables

  1. Gorgeous vegetables! I love that chard on your side of the pond always has those bright red stalks. We just have pale white stalked chard.

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