Just now I was perusing food blogs while snacking on some cereal. I scrolled my ‘food blog’ drop down menu and after looking at three or four I made the noise du jour of <30 year olds (according to my co-worker). The infamous ‘ugh’. Because so many of the blogs I would get inspiration from hadn’t been updated in weeks.

As you can guess this got me thinking, when did I last update my foodie/nerdy blog? Today makes it exactly one month since my last post about my adventure with my dad. I wasn’t absent from blogging, just from blogging here. I was writing away about truck stop oatmeal and New Yorkers. While that was interesting it came at the cost of this blog, the first, the original, the one that only seems to get any love during Vegan MoFo when all tech-savvy cooks are writing their little batter stained and oven burned little hearts out.

This marathon of cooking is coming up. I was very proud that I made it almost through the month without missing a post if I recall. Actually I’m having a hard time recalling so I’ll probably have to look through the archives to find out. Either way it was a fun experiment and I hope to duplicate it again this year.

In the past month not much has been missed foodwise. Toast/apples/coffee for breakfast or maybe cereal; I don’t eat lunch – I graze on leftovers in the fridge; Dinner from either India, Asia, Italy, USA, or México depending on enthusiasm and vegetables in the fridge.

Tonight I might just break out of the stir fry mold and make some miso soup. More for the sore throat than the break from monotony.


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