Of Marriage and Cake

I talk about food all day at work and many times dinner is alluded to in the process. Oh I change my plans for supper several times before five o’clock rolls around but really, my meals are a lot simpler – and faster – when I get home than I anticipated when I was talking to someone about roasted acorn squash risotto.

Tonight I had Rice-A-Roni. The San Francisco treat itself. Now most of this is because I’m getting sick and the sight of the soup I made yesterday made me even more nauseous. But some is because its comforting and I’m just too tired to mess with anything else.

And while I will probably never take pictures of my box meals, few and far between as they are, I do take pictures of baked goods. Specifically beautiful cakes. And I just so happened to have made one a few weeks ago.

It was a groom’s cake actually. I love baking cakes and keep being told by little birds that I need to be a baker or wedding cake maker. Of which the irony doesn’t escape me since I have no desire for marriage. I’ve also been to far too many weddings to ever want to have one. My mom was a wedding coordinator for a while and she loves weddings like I love cookies. A lot. She volunteers herself to help organize any familial wedding happening at the risk of heart palpitations and frustrated-day-before-bouquet-making. I’ve been hauled into helping with much of this and because of that I’m not huge on the whole wedding thing. I do want to spend the rest of my life with someone. I do not, however, need the government to approve. And I certainly do not need a religious authority telling me its now ok to live with my gentleman caller. Call me a heathen.

But I do like making wedding-esque cakes. I’ve made a few secondary cakes, the groom’s cake or the side cake for those vegans or picky eaters. Its really fun to work all day with frosting and chocolate – even if it stresses me out sometimes. When I hear that everyone loved it and seconds and thirds were had by guests it makes my day – in fact this is what made my exhausting day today worth it.

One of these days I’ll get around to making adorable little business cards and put out the name of my little baking enterprise so I’m not relying on friends as customers. For now, I’ll just post some pictures of the latest cake.


4 thoughts on “Of Marriage and Cake

  1. Doesn’t Rice-A-Roni – even the non-meat-themed kinds – have meat broth in it? I remember being bummed at the grocery store, being unable to find a variety that was vegan.

    (Found your blog through the PPK listing of VeganMofo blogs. Hello!)

  2. Anna – I had the Spanish Rice which does not have any broth in it, but does have natural flavors now that I look online and are of unspecified origin that the company doesn’t disclose. Honestly, in my miserable state I did a lookover and proceeded to dump things in a pot. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though. I don’t usually make convenience meals so next time I may as well just make it myself with broken spaghetti and rice.

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