Vegan MoFo #2

My MoFo isn’t leaping off the starting line like I’d expected. I haven’t made dinner tonight and I didn’t really have lunch (though this is nothing new). I’m not feeling up to chopping and stirring and making the taco salad I really wanted. I’ve felt a little off all day and I sort of want to sleep and get the weekend over with so I can start feeling better and go home.

My cooking today consisted of making another batch of zucchini bread. Another because last night my beloved and I baked 2 standard loaves and 3 minis of the zucchini bread from the Joy of Vegan Baking. We had a 24 inch zucchini that needed cooking and when they’re that big they are pretty much only good for grating. Well we still had a chunk leftover from last night so I made another batch. However, I ran into some technical difficulties when I tried to pull out a rack to test a loaf and the whole damn thing broke off the side of the oven. My poor sweetheart. First I break his bike, then his oven. I need to stop doing things. At least there are sweets to lighten the blow.

Grating ZucchiniI can’t begin to explain how great my gentleman friend is. But I will brag that he’s a great cook and I love baking with him. Baking is about the only time we work together in the kitchen and its always fun. But thats obvious because there is batter involved and spoons to lick.

Vegan Zucchini BreadI love this recipe because it made a moist, light loaf and it tastes decadent even with half the fat and 1/3 whole wheat.

And just to prove my failings with objects lately, here is the oven. The crappy thing is it was too hot to fix myself at the time and even if I stayed until it cooled down I can’t use my right arm for much and had enough trouble trying not to drop the mini loaves I baked. So as much as I hate trendy internet lingo. Yesterday and today have been a bit of a fail.

Broken Oven


6 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo #2

  1. Oh no, poor oven!
    At least the zucchini bread looks fantastic. It is great that you have someone to share the joy of baking with!

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