MoFo #4

Today is one of those days that make me really grateful for housemates who like to cook. After a long day at work, one where I was muttering mean remarks to myself but still somehow putting on a friendly face, its really nice to come how and have a roommate making Navaho Stew. The recipe is from one of the Moosewood cookbooks I believe and it makes an occasional appearance in our house. Despite my hatred, loathing, malevolence against cilantro I can almost stand it in this. Tonight the guys were extra nice and cut out for me.

Navajo Stew

It being a Sunday I didn’t have to be to work until almost eleven. Which gave me ample time to make peanut butter cookies for my mom. As I mentioned yesterday, she just got out of the hospital after a knee replacement and one of the few things that make her six daily pills go down is a cookie. I am such a loving daughter I decided to indulge her with her favorites – peanut butter – though I hope you can see though my saintly façade and realize this was also self-serving. The peanut butter cookies are testers for Kelly and Garrick’s cookie book which is almost done testing and hopefully will find a publisher soon. You will not be disappointed by any recipe in that book. These happen to make some of the best cookie dough in the world. And that my friends is one of the happiest things about veganism – salmonella free cookie dough.

But I don’t have a picture of the cookies. We ate the ones I brought home with me. I’ll post a picture of something else I brought home. My dog! Scruffy is my buddy and he’s staying with us while my mom recovers. So far there have been no fights between Scruffy and Nat (the resident labrador). Cross your fingers.

Scruff Bug


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