Sometimes Recipes Are Nice

Today started off well enough, except for the dog waking us up early. I rode my brand new bicycle to school. I’m madly in love with her and am excited for the weekend so I can get outside. But between now and then is taking care of my currently handicapped mom.

I would say ‘now I remember why I didn’t want to be a nurse’ but I can’t because I never ever wanted to be one and they have always had my utmost respect because they have one of the most intense and dirty jobs out there. Lets see that guy on the discovery channel do that for a day.

In between moving all the equipment for my patient from room to room I thought I could make a nice meal. I wanted shepherd’s pie. The house was hot, I didn’t have some ingredients, I certainly didn’t have time to make something as time-consuming as this, but there you have it. I also didn’t have a recipe and thats where I got in trouble.

I admit it wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t inedible, it just wasn’t noteworthy. I didn’t get any feedback from my mom about the three bites she had, but thats to be expected of someone so skeptical of vegan food — even cupcakes. I will happily keep her entertained, drugged up, and full of peanut butter cookies (the only thing I make that she really likes).


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