Everyone has something that they have perfected. Even the most culinarily inept person, my dad, can make a good frozen pizza. These specialties can take on a cult like following. In every town there is someone known for their pie/barbeque/dandelion wine/etc. and everyone passing through has to be told about it.

The most revered food in my family is Grandma’s Swedish Meatballs. Nevermind that we’re Norwegian and the meatballs in question aren’t like most Swedish ones. Thats their name and they will remain christened so just because no one can bring themselves to change the wording. The meatballs are rich and filling with a touch of cloves and black pepper. And they’re even better vegan. I’m sure my grandma would be proud of my culinary wizardry if she were alive. Despite certain other family members who think I’m blasphemous for attempting to veganize family recipes. They still like me.

Well known recipes are not reserved for the matriarchs of families. At the blue house there are signatures all around. Our roommate is known for peanut soup (which usually gets made on weekends when I’m not there, but occasionally they save some for me). My gentleman friend makes his soup. Its hard to describe since it changes slightly every time — its one of those clean-out-the-fridge recipes. But it always has coconut milk, broccoli stalks, and oatmeal. He is also able to perfectly time the cooking of vegetables in stir-fry which might not be a signature but it sure as hell is a talent.

As for myself, I’m not sure what my most amazing dish is. It is something baked for certain, but outside of that I can’t claim fame for myself. If you have a recipe that is requested by everyone who tastes it, or a dish you made up that always draws oohs, then add yourself to the ranks of beloved elders and state fair ribbon holders.


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