You know what’s nice. To come home from work, after a long segway back to my mom’s and then my brother’s in order to get my car back, and find my sweetheart chopping up veggies for dinner. Its even better when he is making exactly what I had planned on making despite no communication about dinner. Thus, herb roasted vegetables. Sort of a clean out the fridge and the CSA veggies.

Herb Roasted VeggiesBrussels Sprouts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, rosemary, fennel, thyme, salt, and olive oil. Oven 400º for at least an hour. Dinner!

And concerning the title. We picked apples from my mom’s and this one was rather hilarious if you like to anthropomorphize produce with human genitalia. Would that be vegetalia? Either way, the picture makes me laugh.



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