Comfort Food and Comfort Beverages

I was so proud of myself.  I’m at my mom’s again to aid and assist so I brought my computer, my camera, and a determination to upload the pictures of the food I’ve made the last few days. I got home and checked my school stuff and email and was all set to upload photos and…

It died. I remembered everything I needed in my flurry to get here on time, except the power cord for my macbook. So it will wait a while. Instead I’ll just have to explain what I’m eating in explicit detail.

Continuing my mofo trend, I’m having comfort food. But this is my vegan comfort food. It was one of the first recipes I made that was vegan and its still one of my favorites. Its very fast, very cheap, and very customizable.

Its beans and tomatoes. Tonight I went the quick chili route and got out a pot, dumped in one can of diced tomatoes, one can of rinsed black beans, spoonfuls of chili seasoning and bbq seasoning, and let it cook until it thickened up a little. I spent all of four minutes doing this then opened a Woodchuck and waited. I’ll get to the Woodchuck in a minute.

The first veg cookbook I used consistently was Student’s Go Vegetarian. It was perfect because most things have one or two servings. Not everything was great (I tried making vegan pancakes and they weren’t so great. I’m glad Nick cooked his recipe for me and made breakfast my favorite meal again). But the black beans and tomatoes with polenta (or whatever its called) was so perfect and filling after so many nights of ramen or salad. I mix and match beans and flavorings with diced tomatoes and my favorites are:

Black beans, Ro*Tel tomatoes, chili spices

White Northern beans, Italian seasoned tomatoes, Italian herbs

Garbanzos, diced tomatoes, Turkish seasoning or a curry

Pinto beans, Ro*Tel tomatoes, taco seasoning

I could go on, but these are my favorites. Let them cook down and serve with rice/pasta/crackers/bread/tortillas or add some vegetable broth, a few extra veggies and make soup. Its amazing how happy this simple pairing can make me. Though I do find it odd that I never make this at home. Maybe because I like to cook more involved things there or maybe its just that by the time I get to my Mom’s I’m either off work and tired or just too lazy to do anything.

Back to the Woodchuck. I do not like beer, with a few exceptions. I don’t like anything hoppy and malty is ok but only a handful of days out of the year. Cider on the other hand is welcome. At the monthly Vegan Drinks in Ames I’ll treat myself to the Strongbow they have on tap, but thats about it. That changed tonight when I tried Woodchuck’s seasonal fall cider.

If I didn’t feel its silly to use expletives when writing something so even keel such as beans and tomatoes I would string out a list of words beginning with ‘holy’ and ending with ‘this is amazing’. Its like drinking fermented apple crisp. It tastes like fall. Its appley, cinnamony, comforty, you get the picture.

Unfortunately I just checked the site and its all done at the end of this month. I, apparently, missed the start of it in August. So now I’m left to stock up on this so I can enjoy it during the holidays – wherever I happen to be for them.


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