I made it half way through the month before I missed a day of posting. And since I missed one I said what the hey and missed two. In between baby shower planning and Woodchuck drinking I plum forgot.

And I really don’t have much to report for today. Its a Monday and, as yesterday was a long bike ride for my lover and a long car ride for me, we went to the Indian buffet for lunch today. Its become a very delicious lunch tradition.

Food traditions are probably my favorite. Everyone has them, and everyone’s family has even more. My family has Swedish meatballs for every holiday. My sweetheart and I have breakfast together every morning along with mucho café. Our celebratory restaurant is always Bali Satay here in Ames, the restaurant he celebrated his graduation from college at the and the same one I will in December. My mom, sister, and I make dozens of cookies every Christmas season and tons of lefse (which my mom eagerly said would be easy to make “so you can eat it”). We eat Grimes or Adel sweet corn in the summer and freeze it to enjoy at Christmas.

Traditions make me look forward to certain events every year. Card game and soup days in the fall, home improvement grill outs in the summer, gussied up Easter dinner, and right around the corner Thanksgiving. We get together and eat quite often in my family, but Thanksgiving means we all get a fancy plate. We all sit around the table on an assortment of tables, benches, and stools while my mom tells us what she’s thankful for and then makes everyone else answer — which much eye rolling from certain members of the family. But its over quickly and eat until we’re sick. There are traditions about how to pass food, who to skip over with the stuffing and vegetables and who to just leave the mashed potatoes next to. Its a fun filled afternoon.

I might not be there this Thanksgiving. Which is interesting to think about, but exciting at the same time. I might be celebrating Thanksgiving with his family. Something different, with new stories and new traditions. Whatever ends up happening, I’ll be making green bean casserole and scratch pumpkin pie.


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