I didn’t cook today. I baked, but since I only had a bit of it I don’t really consider it cooking. Outside of the bagel for breakfast I didn’t have much in the way of a meal. Everything else was haphazard snacking in between homework and going to see a movie (District 9, which I highly recommend). I did accomplish some homework and I’m going to read the last bit for class tomorrow, but on the whole I feel like I didn’t get much done.

I started looking at the job opportunities in the surrounding area and its pretty daunting. I don’t feel like I have many skills to offer other than baking stuff and waxing on about how great food is. While I do that at my job in Des Moines, its in Des Moines. I want to work in Ames so I can ride my bicycle and live in one residence permanently – for the sake of bank applications.

I’m just not in a good mood. Chalk it up to anxiety and the movie tonight (which was great, but very depressing – at least when you view it as a social commentary and not a sci fi alien flick). I wish it wasn’t so late, I would have a fancy Woodchuck and try to amuse myself.

Tomorrow I will cook. I’ll make something on the board. Or something comforting. Possibly both. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll use the head of cabbage sitting in the fridge. Until coffee tomorrow morning, have a good night.


One thought on “Off

  1. Baking stuff skills – maybe a job in a bakery? Des Moines has loads:

    Or, if you’ve got skills raving about baking, maybe get yourself signed on as a product evangilist? Get local people buying fresh bread from the bakery. Make local business get their bread from the bakery and forge a strong local connection.

    Imagine Gordon Ramsey coming to town and making shit happen. You could be like him.

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