Curry and Cookies

Sometimes you just have productive days. I had one today. I made friends with the vacuum, cleaned the fan blades in the kitchen, and baked pigs.

Pig cookies obviously. For a friend who has the pig sick. H1N1 doesn’t have the right ring and swine flu is overused so we call it pig sick. I’ll post pictures of them when all done. But for now I have a picture of Thai curry.

Canned curry paste is one of my favorite inventions. The recipe for the following picture is whatever veggies are in the fridge and need using, a can of coconut milk, half a can of green curry paste (check for fish sauce in the ingredients), and some soy sauce or salt. Really, thats about all it is. Quite possibly my favorite meal at home.

Now I’m back to the kitchen to supervise the rest of the pig cutting and make frosting. Mostly to watch the flour fly and dance. Advice for the day, always dance in the kitchen.


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