The results of our cookie adventure last night. We baked, we danced to the Beastie Boys, and we frosted.

In short, we had a really good time. We don’t often cook dinner together. We have different ways and methods of cooking. As well as different ideas about things like measuring and following recipes. We can cook together for events, we did at his mom’s when we were there over the fourth of July. Most certainly we will cook together once again at Thanksgiving. We make it work and produce some great food, but I think we prefer to do it solo.

Baking, on the other hand, is really fun to do with someone else. It makes me loosen up and let things fly. We probably will not be frosting a 9-inch layer cake anytime soon (I can’t loosen up that much, though maybe for my birthday) but cookies and the like are perfect. Plus, its always fun to dance with someone else and feed them cookie dough.


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