Making a List

I make lists to get through the day. Visits to the co-op are dangerous without one and the minutes before class starts are devoted to making a to-do list for the rest of the day. My notes are scribbled with them.

I’ve been forced to make a Christmas list recently since I’ve been home. In all actuality I started one a while ago because I knew this would happen. I started one for myself, my gentleman friend, and a few others. We are going to try to make as many gifts this year as possible (though there are always those people who you can’t think of anything for).

Not surprisingly my list has numerous cooking supplies. Silly little things like a potato masher and a big frosting spatula. Big essential things like 9′ round cake pans that don’t rust and have 2 inch sides to contain all that wonderful cake batter. In my searching of the internet I found a bunch of cookie cutters. And really, cookie cutters make me so happy with so little effort. Here are the best ones:

And I suppose I should add his state (though I could probably just mush up a rectangle).



I love trees. A lot. Enough to sell myself (plasma) for six months to have one tattooed on my back. So this is just a given.

I also want a bicycle cookie cutter but a quick search only revealed girlie bike cutters and I would like a top tube on my sugar cookies. I also found ridiculously cute cupcake/muffins liners which only wasted another ten minutes.

Some cute liners would be handy this week since I have both my oldest niece and my sister’s birthdays. I will certainly post pictures of the end results in all their vegan frosted glory. I will once again make use of my assistant and copious amounts of powdered sugar. I have strict orders from the little birthday girl to make her cake vanilla and some of the cupcakes, but knowing some adventurous cake eaters I will make some other interesting ones too. Suggestions are always welcome. I’m thinking of things I can add to vanilla batter.


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