Pictures Galore

I would consider myself fallen off the MoFo wagon. I was doomed to happen eventually and I’m glad I made it halfway through the month. To make up for it I have pictures. Proceed:

Apple Crumble from “The Joy Of Vegan Baking” We made it in a 9×9 so it had a nice thick crumble crust. Perfect because the crisp is wonderful in this recipe. We used walnuts since we have tons of them.

I hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging when I talk about my gentleman friend and how wonderful he is. I’m just that happy. Case in point, here’s the dinner he made last night. Just roasted vegetables with fresh herbs, salt, and pepper. Served over white rice with all the aromatic olive oil from the veggies poured on top. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Yeah, he went on a cooking spree yesterday and made this too – green tomato relish – with all the green cherry tomatoes and cabbage we had in the fridge. He made most of the apple crisp too.

Some beautiful chili peppers from our last CSA box.

Teese-y pizza from a local joint. The ISU Veg Club had a meeting on Sunday and the president (also vegan and host of Vegan Drinks here in Ames) brought some Teese to put on the broccoli/jalapeño/garlic pizza. Twas amazing.

And finally a much better picture of the piggies.


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