A neglect and guilt inspired update

I should resist all attempts to atone for the last few months because in all likelihood it will be another three or four before I remember to post again. I have eaten—oh believe me—but I feel awkward documenting it while Love waits patiently for me to set up a photo. And really, who likes a food-ish blog without pictures. So we wait. Until October and VeganMoFo when I put myself back in gear—much like my car, but that’s another story—and post every day.

Rest assured I have made a lot of food, much of which is sponsored by my new job at the co-op on town. Since I spent a ridiculous amount of time there anyway it seemed fitting that they now pay me for it. As well as give me damaged produce which I lovingly chop out the bad part and then marvel at the fact that this is the most perfect, organic red bell pepper/cameo apple/baby lettuce mix/etc…and it was free. I also get to chat with some incredibly interesting people. Some are special in that quirky odd duck way and some are really just great to talk too. Either way, it makes the time go by quickly. Another perk is the daily bike commute. I missed my Spooky bike so much over the last few months. I’m glad the glacier of January has retreated for the time being.

I’ve made cakes, cupcakes, more mongolian beef, throw together Spanish-African stew, and a lot of other things. All of which will someday see the light of iphoto and then—if they’re really lucky—this here blog. But the steam in my fingers has already run out and the joints are ceasing any creative—and lubricating—juices. Guten Abend and bon soir.


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