Blogs and Bourgignon

This, my friends, is Tempeh Bourgignon. The Frenchiest of French foods (according to Julia Child).  You’re asking, why did you make something so comforting and hot in summer? Well I didn’t. This has been hiding in iphoto for months and scrolling through and seeing it brought sensory details sailing back. It was divine. There was red wine to accompany, boiled potatoes to soak up the velvety sauce, and a French speaking dinner partner (I make him speak the romance language every time I make French food. I understand about every fourth word, which usually happens to be merci or trés bien).

In anticipation of our upcoming trip to France I find myself making more French food (or at least drinking more wine). I find lots of recipes worthy of heavy modification at some of my favorite blogs. I love vegan blogs, but some of my favorite and most followed are omnivorous. The recipe for this came from the Smitten Kitchen. I used half the amount of mushrooms and added 8 oz. of tempeh. The Smitten Kitchen actually has quite a few vegetarian recipes which are lovely to read about (I have to be pretty damn motivated to completely follow a recipe). The other blogger I love and would like to drink aperitifs with while sitting on a patio somewhere is David Lebovitz. The man is hilarious, lives in Paris, and even has a few vegan recipes up his sleeve. I first started to become a Francophile after reading his blog. I am aware of the vegan desert France can be. But, by god, there are baguettes and wine. Need I say more. I might be vegan, but good writing trumps any dietary—or any other—affiliation. Though it does help if the food looks delicious to my anti-meat eyes.


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