It’s almost like I forgot I had a blog. I decided to opt out of Vegan MoFo since we were in France for half the month (summed up culinarily in baguettes, espresso, Middle Eastern food, and the saddest spaghetti the world has ever known). So here I am in 2011 with an idea to at least post once a month, if only to do something with all the photos I take.

TVP meatloaf which was good but not quite the meatloaf I was looking for. I do think that from now on I will continue to glaze the top with a mix of ketchup and sriracha. The colcannon was really the star. Kale, onions, some leftover tofutti sour cream, tons of Earth Balance. I love comfort food.

All recipes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Isa and Terry have made me semi-famous in the tiny circle of crafty art shows by Kelsey Cliche. These were for her show in January – on the left are peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, and the right are eggnog cupcakes made by tweaking the basic vanilla cupcake from said book.

Soy Curl stroganoff with a nice cabernet (I sound like I know what I’m talking about with wine. I don’t). These were the last of my soy curls from a swap and I wanted to make the most of them. I can’t find the recipe now. It was really good but I was hoping for something a little creamier. This was a lot like the bourgignon I make but not quite as tasty. Still, anything on a layer of mashed potatoes is good.



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