Bennys, habits, and knees

So much for blogging once a month. I’m bad at things without deadlines. It’s why I haven’t written a short story or essay since graduating over a year ago! I know I can attempt to make proclamations about changing my ways, but in the end they don’t work. In the end, I write when I remember. Or when I have pictures that need stories with them. Like today!

First, the food. The tofu benny to be precise. It’s from Vegan Brunch. The first time Nick saw it he made that man noise that means he needed it. But then the book was put on the shelf and I forgot and then I ended up with a bunch of potatoes and some leaky tofu. Despite missing half the ingredients for the hollandaise sauce (it ended up more of a mild bechamel instead) it was delicious. Roasty potatoes, onions, and pepper, fried tofu, velvety sauce to hold it all together. It was a fun and not too labor intensive dinner.

Now that the food is out of the way, I have a confession. I’m a spice fiend. It didn’t seem like much of a problem until a few days ago when I tackled the ‘spice cabinet’ (not drawer, as if they could fit in a drawer). Here is the carnage.

All those at the top are one’s I’m keeping. The bottom is empty jars from old spices or from consolidating several half empy ones. I managed to get about half into the white plastic organizer, but the whole spices and baking spices/extracts went back into the cabinet – on one shelf instead of two and a half. Hard to see, but on the middle left is a white container. It’s a half gallon sour cream bucket we get from the gyro stand and use for compost. This one is filled with old spices. I already said I have a problem, but at least I can let go. It’s been nice to know where my inventory stands and know what I need to get this weekend.

The weather has finally perked up and we’ve been outside as much as possible. He goes off on centuries or metric centuries pretty often to get ready for the TransIowa and I mosey around town trying not to injure myself. Unfortunately that is harder than it should be. I don’t like being slower and try to compensate and end up making my body angry. Right now that’s my knee which has been irritated since Sunday when I didn’t know enough to slow down. It feels better now and I’ll try riding to work this afternoon. Yesterday was perfect and it was torture to not be out on my bike. I keep reminding myself it’s still spring and we have a lot of good weather ahead of us.


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