Last week was gorgeous. Beautiful. Delightful. That was last week. This week is decidedly different. Friday night the big outdoor Cloud Cult show was cancelled. The one I had spent the last few days listening to all their records because I love them so much and was so excited. High winds, pelting rain, and outdoor venues do not mix. Saturday was equally crummy and Sunday started off cold and dreary and added some more precipitation later in the day.

This week doesn’t seem like it’ll get any better soon. But that just means I can stay inside and cook and bake when I’m not closing at work. A few weeks ago my mom and I went shopping on the first Saturday I had off in years. Never mind that I was sick as a dog with a joint case of strep throat and head cold. I was going to go shopping damnit! Now, I don’t particularly like shopping. I have a lot of ethical problems with buying and consumerism. But I go out from time to time to spend quality time with my mom, who is still suffering from empty nest syndrome even though I’ve been out of her nest for several years now. I enjoy spending this time together because I know that some day in the not so distant future we will move away. Not just forty five minutes away, but hours away. States away. And I know this will be very hard for her. So I put up with sales and cheap clothing for the sake of quality time.

What I’m getting to is the Dutch Oven. When shopping with my mom I didn’t buy anything, and didn’t let her buy me anything. If I need clothes I go to the thrift store and if I need shoes I find vegan ones. Regardless, my mom has the ridiculous idea that when one is ‘shopping’ one has to ‘shop’ which means purchase things. I came out empty handed on that Saturday but had been tentatively looking for a new pot since my beloved Le Creuset stock pot was irreparably scorched by the rice incident of 2011. I didn’t find anything and life went on. Except that my mom went ahead and bought me a cast iron Dutch Oven. She’s silly like that, but in this case I won’t complain because it made us both really happy. So now I have a lovely cherry red Dutch Oven. It’s a mid value brand with not the greatest reviews so I’m hoping I got lucky with this one (yes I’m the kind of person that reads lots of reviews).

I certainly know how to extend simple stories. Last night we were expecting dinner guests so I whipped up the Euro Treatment. Mushroom, tempeh, and seitan bourgignon, homemade foccacia, spinach salad, whole wheat fig bars, wine. Unfortunately our guests couldn’t make it because of illness so Nick and I settled down to an uber fancy meal.

I’ve posted this recipe before, it’s based off one from Smitten Kitchen. It’s relatively easy, always delicious, and perfect with mashed potatoes.

I also made some buckwheat chocolate chip cookies last week. They were delicious and had the oh-so-lovely buckwheat flavor which was perfect with the chocolate.

These were adapted with Food Loves Writing. I subbed Earth Balance non-dairy butter for the cow butter and coconut oil, and used 1/4 c. soy milk instead of the eggs. Next time I’d add a bit more flour or a flax egg instead because these were flat and crispy and I like my cc cookies more on the thick and chewy side.


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  1. Can I say that everything looks delicious! Especially your tempeh dish, i just love tempeh, and i havent been able to eat it enough since ive been away at school. I miss it!

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