Today we adopted a baby. A furbaby as my would-be-mother-in-law-if-we-ever-decided-we-needed-to-be-married call him. We’ve wanted a kitty for a while but needed to wait until time and finances met up. I went out to the county shelter last Friday to look since we decided we’d get a kitty within the next week. Lo and behold I fell in love with the first little guy I saw. I looked at all the other kitties too, but he was definitely the most playful and the biggest goofball. I filled out the application and sent a picture message knowing Nick would love him, then went home to make a list of all the supplies I would need.

This morning we went out to the shelter and it was love all over again. So now he is home and he knows it. While most cats would hide in new surroundings, he made a trip around the entire perimeter of the house, then started playing. We played for hours and now, after a nap, he is sitting in the window. Exactly the image I had in my head of our perfect cat. His name is Frisbee and we love him dearly.

While we are vegan, cats aren’t supposed to be vegan in my opinion so we have meat in the house for the first time – even if it’s in kibble and cans. Times like this I’m really glad I get a discount at the coop so I can buy high quality food and litter. Speaking of which, we’re going to try using the wheat litter. I like that it’s flushable, compostable, and natural.

Talk, talk, talk, here are some pictures.



2 thoughts on “Kitty

  1. Frisbee is incredibly adorable. What a happy rescue story! I’m really intrigued by the wheat litter, I’ll have to look into that. Which food did you decide on? I started Luna off with Nutro but then some of the awesome members of the PPK forums recommended Wellness and I’ve been really happy with that. Thanks for entering the give-away, I’m so thrilled to be sending a package of goodies to you and Nick and Frisbee 🙂 When you get a moment, take a look at my shop and let me know what you’d most like to receive. I will be adding a few new designs today, so take your time- I was going to send your package on Monday if that’s alright with you.
    Talk to you soon! Love and kitty cuddles,
    – Katie Rose

  2. We love the wheat litter! It’s easy to scoop, recyclable, and should an apocalypse happen we can eat the clean stuff for breakfast. Frisbee gets Wellness dry food and Wellness/Newman’s Organic wet food. He like both of the wet ones and I like Wellness’ grain-free canned food, but also like getting him organic stuff – of which Newman’s is the easiest to find.

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