One of Those

I’m one of those bloggers who post maybe once a month for most of the year, then bam Vegan Mofo and I go crazy for a month. Just check my blog history – it’s all there. I was ready to sit this one out, but Nick told me I would regret it. And of course he’s correct. So what the hell, I’ll try it…again. The worst would be that I miss a day…again. It’s the way it goes.

So some people dive into the crazy Mofo with a theme. This year I’ll try to post every day but some might be short and sweet. No foreseeable theme, but I do have a few goals.

1. The best damn vegan banana bran muffins ever.

2. Veganizing some more family cookbook things.

3. Veganizing a few French recipes. I always check out books of French cuisine because I’m a francophile and love France but I rarely get around to cooking out of them. I really want to make brioche.

4. Make at least one recipe from the newer cookbooks I’ve gotten. I’m looking at you Bread Baker’s Apprentice.

So with that, I’m off to scour Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table for a recipe for dinner.


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