I’ve Been Missing Out

Every holiday that warranted a pie meant lemon meringue. It’s my dad’s favorite so it’s what my mom always made. I have never been a fan of lemon meringue. The meringue was always weird and chewy and the lemon was just weirdly congealed lemon juice. If we didn’t have pie we had bishop’s pie dessert, which is as processed and church-food as it gets. I think it originated at a restaurant and it’s basically a graham cracker crust, chocolate pudding mixed with soft ice cream, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Classy.

What I’m getting at is we didn’t have those traditional holiday pies until I became a teenager who liked to cook. Then there more be an apple pie or a pumpkin one. But never pecan. Ever. I don’t know why, it just didn’t happen and I made it nearly twenty-six years without having a piece of pecan pie and now that I’ve experienced it I feel sad for all those missed slices. Though truth be told I probably would have had a lot of crappy, overly sweet pie before I got to the one I made today. I was talking about pies at work today and a co-worker was aghast that I’d never had pecan pie so I resolved to make it when I got home. I went with the maple pecan pie from the always awesome and completely fail-proof Isa from the PPK.

I’m fighting every urge to go have another slice. But that can wait until breakfast I suppose. I can promise that this will be making an appearance at an upcoming holiday.


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