Some Things Just Aren’t Photogenic.

I admit it, I slacked off. No post yesterday and barely one today. I have pictures but they’re trapped on my camera at the moment so I went digging through iphoto. What I found was this.

Not exactly appetizing, I know. But it was delicious. This dish originally was eggplant and tofu dengaku and over the months has evolved into lazy baked stiry-fry. When I have all those tasty stir-fry like veggies but just don’t have the ambition to stir things I chop them up and make this. By this time I’ve toyed with the recipe so much that it’s something completely different. The veggies all change but eggplant is usually in there and the sauce consists of miso, rice vinegar, sugar/agave, peanut butter, tamari, and some fermented tofu if I remember. Like I said, it doesn’t resemble the original dish much at all anymore. But it’s still tasty over some jasmine rice and drenched with sriracha. Really though, what isn’t delicious drenched in sriracha?


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