Fall means chili. I love chili and eat it year round, but it’s meant to be eaten in fall. That’s when it feels more perfect. Crisp days and the sound of wind blowing through fallen leaves. What’s even better is crock pot chili. Everyone knows the best chili cooks for hours and what better way than the crock pot. I have to admit, I often forget we own a crock pot. I actually can’t even take the credit for this pot of chili since he made it while I was at work. This one was perfectly spiced and had a good amount of liquid. I hate thin chili.


I was all set to eat my chili with just bread (don’t worry we had Earth Balance it just wasn’t on the bread yet) when he remembered we had some Daiya cheddar in the fridge and oh my. It made my night. Growing up my mom made lots of chili. Lots of incredibly spicy chili. So spicy I could barely eat it. To counter that my brother and I would load it up with cheddar cheese and saltine crackers until it was so stiff it wasn’t technically ‘chili’ anymore but rather some weird uncooked casserole. Luckily the chili in my life is not one-dimensionally hot. It’s full of spices and complex flavors that don’t need to be muted by add-ins. Though I still can’t resist the cheese-y stuff if I have it.

This doesn’t have much of a recipe. A big can of Mrs. Grimes Chili Beans, a can of tomatoes, some onions and a sweet potato, chili powder plus extra cumin and ancho, salt. I keep meaning to experiment and try other types of chili – white chili, beer chili, chili sin carne, etc. – but I love this and can’t seem to move past it.


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