I got an awesome email this afternoon telling me I could be a tester for Terry Hope Romero’s new cookbook. After signing in I spent the next forty five minutes going through all the recipes hoping there was something there I could make tonight. I went through dozens of amazing looking descriptions only to get to the ingredient list and realize I didn’t have one thing. I could have still made stuff, but that defeats the point of testing, which is to make things as written to see how they’ll turn out for readers. I almost lost hope and was just going to settle for salad when I came to the Colombian Coconut Lentil Rice. I have that, and that, omg and that too! So I set out for the kitchen and came out with this.

So good, so comforting. I think this is going to be a lot of fun. And lots of pictures.


4 thoughts on “Testing

  1. i’m so jealousfaced! hopefully some day i’ll test for Terry. her recipes are my favorites, fo ‘sho! the colombian coconut lentil rice sounds great and looks awesome – and i’m looking forward to more delicious tester recipe photos, too. hooray!

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