Potluck Perfect

Last night I made Terry’s Pistachio Date Quinoa with Chickpeas. Talk about a perfect dish to bring to a potluck. It’s got pistachios, it’s got dates, it’s got crunchy onions, chewy dates, soft chickpeas. I loved it.

My standard potluck food is a dessert of some sort, usually a cake or bars, and some sort of salad. Rice salad, quinoa salad, bread salad, kale salad, anything that can be tossed with oil and lemon salad. So this was perfect and something I will make often.

I love potlucks. Part of it’s the food and vegan camaraderie, part of it’s that I met my sweetheart at a potluck. I was coming back up from a really low spot in life and inspired by the other awesome potlucks happening in the Square on the PPK I decided to host one for the Iowa folks. This was seriously outside my comfort zone. I barely knew one person coming and everyone else was only a screen name I’d talked to. Needless to say it went well. It went great. And I met this guy who’d ridden his bike thirty miles to get there and I couldn’t believe it. Now of course I ride thirty miles and think nothing of it. Anyway, he brought banana bread. He was cute and funny. Everyone had fun and I moved on. It wasn’t until months later when he was hosting a potluck that we met up again. Because of the flakiness and determination of different invitees I was the only one to come. We ate soup, we played legos, we made plans to meet up a few days later where we started falling in love and have been together since. So yeah, I like potlucks. But I don’t think any will top those two.


One thought on “Potluck Perfect

  1. what a sweet story:)

    I’ve never been to a vegan potluck before but it sounds fantastic.
    (you know, non-vegan ones can be a bit of a challenge sometimes)

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