Wagons Were Made to Fall From.

I always come to a point in the month where I miss a day. Then another. And then all ambition flies out the window. I’ve been busy with my new job and taking care of my mom who just had a knee replacement. So since the surgery I haven’t been doing as much cooking as normal. Tonight we had boxed black bean bisque and some olive ciabatta bread from the co-op. Last night we had takeout. The night before I ate out with my mom after her physical therapy. So not much to report.

Harkening back to my goals I have succeeded on a few. I made a bunch of French recipes and I mastered the bran muffins (though I haven’t posted about it yet). I did not make any bread from Bread Baker’s Apprentice because I don’t have a scale yet and think I really need one to be successful. Maybe next month. There’s always next month.


1 thought on “Wagons Were Made to Fall From.

  1. Yeah. This year’s MoFo was a failure for me. I missed two days and I just felt completely disorganized.

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