Dirty Dirty Cookies

I’ve always been a slightly asexual person. So I’m not entirely sure why I decided to make the Garrick’s “vagina variation” sugar cookie testers. Especially since I’m taking them to a potluck of people I don’t know! What the hell was I thinking. Oh well, it will break the ice and they are damn good. I’m also bringing other stuff but pictures later.

Creepy, aren’t they? The one on the left is tinted with cocoa, and the right one is just vanilla. Instead of stuffing them with marzipan like the recipe calls for I just tinted some of the dough pink. You can even sort of see the alien bits underneath the cocoa and vanilla cookies, because hot pink isn’t a color seen in nature.


These are actually a lot of fun to make. Probably because I couldn’t stop giggling. I’m sorry, sometimes you just have to giggle like a kid. Though next time I go to a feminist gathering (or a pure romance party god forbid) I’ll make these. And keep a straight face.

I also made the gingerbread apple pie from Vegan With a Vengeance. Well I used the crust and the baking directions. The filling was the stuff my mom and I canned a few weeks ago.

And this Indian spiced rice salad is the bane of my existence right now. This is what happens when I start trying to make my own recipes. I like it, but it seems like its missing something. I added a lot of different spices so maybe its a matter of not adding enough of each. Or maybe I’m just overanalyzing because I’ll be feeding it to other people tomorrow. It basically had Jasmine rice, roasted potatoes, squash, and carrots, onions, mushrooms, coconut milk, tomatoes, fava beans, and too many spices to name.


The Tale of Caitlin Appleseed

A few years ago my mom got us a cortland apple tree. We were sick of waiting for relatives from NE Iowa sending us apples every year. We wanted our own. I was so excited to have apples in my front yard, but those first few years were rather disappointing. Now the tree is nearly a decade old. 

Last year was absolutely pitiful. We had a late cold snap, then too much rain in August so the entire apple crop in Iowa was hurt, mine included. The few we had mostly rotted on the tree.

But not this year, oh no. We went on vacation last week and I didn’t want to leave so many apples on the tree, they would likely ripen and rot before we got back. So I picked as many large ones as I could. Yes they were a bit too green, but they wouldn’t we wasted. They sat in the basement while we were gone.

Then we came back and I had to decide what to do with them. Out comes the old apple peeler and a few days later I have:

canned apple pie filling, apple crisp, apple butter, dried apples, applesauce, apple cider, a batch of apple cookies, and a beautiful apple bundt cake.

And there are still more apples. Good god.








My photo arranging leaves much to be desired.


Oh and the best part. After I finished with the tub from before vacation I had to go pick the rest. Only they were way up high so I had to climb the tree. And I definitely fell out of the tree and landed on my ass. I didn’t break anything though, so I just laid there and laughed.