Getting into the college mode.

I hate how frustrated I get when I don’t have access to the internet. Like last night. I somehow ended up watching that reality dance celebrity show with my mom. But I watched Apocalypse Now first so I was in a different state of mind. 


Anyway, onto the food. I had to work yesterday, which means I was talking about food all day. Of course when I get home I’m almost too tired to cook. Almost. I made a curry. I need to decide on curry before I start making it. I wanted a Thai curry, but somehow forgot and started toasting the seeds (mustard, fennel, kala jeera, ajwain, etc). Oh wait, I wanted to add prik khing chile paste to that. Ok. So I ended up with an entirely unappetizing looking winter squash curry. I’m just calling it curry because it was Indian and Thai. But it was damn good so it doesn’t matter. 


But because I like pictures and thats why people look at blogs, here is a picture of the soft peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie testers I made the other day. I took them up to Ames to give to some friends and they are now happily digested in adoring vegan cookie fans.

And while in Ames I hung out with my friend Kelsey. After gorging ourselves at India Palace (they use oil not ghee, yes!) we hung out on campus and I sat in on her communications lecture. I forgot what college felt like. Plus I had to hit up Wheatsfield Co-op. I love their bulk nut butter. I picked up some tahini and I’m now in love with it. I’ll probably post some sesame cookies here in a bit if I can get ambitious and make them.